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Creating GPU mining rig (Ethereum)

I've decided to build a GPU mining rig, primarily focused on ETH at the moment.
Here's a run down of the hardware in my rig:

So, we're looking at about 750W power consumption and about 125MH/s speed for ETH. Since I'm Canadian, here is a breakdown of my costs and ROI (roughly).

Now that we have seen the hardware we're using and approximate ROI, let's build an open air rig to house our new hardware. We're not going to need a whole lot, of course you can build yours differently than I build mine.

Here's a really simple parts list for this build, sizes may vary:

  • 1 Piece of Plexiglass (large enough for motherboard & PSU)
  • 7 feet of L-shaped Aluminum
  • 15 screws & nuts
Once you have all your pieces just cut aluminum to size. You need to cut 4 pieces to create a base for your plexiglass that holds your motherboard and PSU. 4 legs that give about 10 inches of clearance between your plexiglass and your GPU rack. Finally 2 bars for your GPU rack.

That's pretty much it, you can tweak this style of open air case to your liking since it's very basic. 

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